General Rules and Regulations

Students admitted to the college must abide by the rules and regulations as prescribed by the College Authority. Violation of these may make the students liable to disciplinary action.
Conducts, which might attract disciplinary action, include irregular clearance of college dues, discourtesy to the teachers and the staff members in any form, resorting to strikes, indulging in any form of ragging, causing damages to college properties, consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places, smoking within the college premises, unsatisfactory progress in studies, rowdy behaviour inside and outside the college premises etc.
In the case of damages or loss of college property, the college authority reserves the right to impose fines either individually or on per capita basis.
As regards attendance in class, a student shall be eligible to appear in the semester examination as a regular candidate provided he/she has at least 75% attendance in the individual subjects. For irregular students, specific University regulations which includes debarring a student from appearing university examination due to lack of adequate percentage of attendance, will apply.
Students will be required to wear prescribed college uniform / dress and are required to carry the Identity Card at all times.
Student activities like cultural functions, picnics and excursions are organised only with prior permission of the college authorities.
Smoking and use of bettel nuts, shikhar etc. inside the Institute campus is strictly prohibited and will attract fine if found on person.
Use of mobile phone by students in the class room is strictly prohibited.

Uniform/Dress Code

In Summer In Winter
For Boys: Dark Grey trousers with light Blue shirt and Black shoes with white socks. Same as summer, in addition to wear Dark grey Sweater / Blazer.
For Girls: Dark Grey Salwar with light blue Kameez or Dark Grey Trouser and Light Blue Shirt and Black shoes with white socks. Same as summer, in addition to wear Dark grey Sweater / Blazer.

• To maintain uniformity, all students will procure the uniform from the college campus during admission.
• NO student will be allowed to attend classes without proper uniform.

Attendance in Classes

GIMT-Tezpur is very strict about the attendance of students in their classes, since there is a direct relation between attendance and result in the examinations. The college authority regularly issues timely reminders to the students to attend all classes from the very beginning of a semester. Students, failing to attain the required 75% attendance, are debarred from appearing in the semester-end examination of the Gauhati University / Assam Science & Technology University, Guwahati.

Anti-Ragging Measures

GIMT-Tezpur has adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards ragging and strives to achieve a completely ragging free institute. We are happy to announce that not a single case of ragging, even a very minor one, occurred in this institute last year. We have built up a healthy tradition in this regard and we intend to keep it that way.
Hon’ble Supreme Court of India accepted the anti-ragging report submitted by the former CBI Director R. K. Raghavan that suggested a 2-fold approach of punishment coupled with counseling to tackle the menace.
Accordingly, GIMT-Tezpur also has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to tackle the menace of ragging. It launched an awareness drive amongst the students about the seriousness and consequences of indulging in the act of ragging. To achieve this, the following measures are taken.

i) The college authorities regularly address the students on this aspect to create awareness.
ii) Large displays (like banners etc.) are erected at important places around the campus at admission times.
iii) An Anti-Ragging Squad (ARS) has been formed and the names and mobile numbers of the members of the ARS are made available to the students for any fresher to lodge a complaint if subjected to any form of ragging by his/her seniors. The ARS is instructed to keep strict vigil all around the campus. The members of the ARS are authorized to challenge any group/ individual suspected of indulging in any form of ragging.
iv) An Anti-Ragging Committee (ARC) has also been setup. The names of the ARC members along with their mobile numbers are published for the victim or his/her parents/guardians to lodge a complaint to the Chairman of ARC. The committee will investigate and suggest mode of punishment for the guilty persons. A student found guilty of ragging is punishable by suspension/ rustication from the Institute.
v) GIMT-Tezpur publishes a booklet titled “Our Goal-A Ragging Free GIMT” and the same is made available to all students free of cost, wherein all the aspects of ragging including the law of the land “The Assam Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1998”, the form of possible punishment etc. are described. Students are made to realize that stringent discrepancy action in the form of suspension/ expulsion and rustication from the Institute may result if anyone indulges in any act of ragging. In fact, at times, it may even end one’s academic careers. It also highlights the fact that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has termed ragging as a crime and makes filing of FIR mandatory by the college authority. GIMT-Tezpur is bound to comply with the above directive.


[1]. All students seeking admission in GIMT-Tezpur will submit two separate affidavits duly signed by Notary as given at pages below. One affidavit will be signed by the student and another by the parents/guardians on Rs 20.00 stamp paper.
[2]. All students allotted hostel accommodation will also submit two separate affidavits duly signed by the student and parents respectively as given above.
[3]. All affidavits will be submitted when the student joins the Institute.

Disciplinary Rules and Actions

All students of GIMT-Tezpur are expected to maintain discipline and proper academic atmosphere in the institute Disciplinary action will be taken against a student if he/she is found to violate the rules and regulations of the Institute.

Acts of Indiscipline

The following acts will invite disciplinary action:
1) Not observing the prescribed dress code
2) Not displaying the Student Identity Cards
3) Fraudulent use of Student Identity Card
4) Bringing in and/or drinking alcoholic beverages or any other narcotic drugs and intoxicant of any kind inside the institute campus
5) Entering late in the classes (theory as well as practical) by more than 10 minutes
6) Disturbing the class by gossiping or any other means
7) Giving proxy attendance
8) Bunking classes without permission
9) Sneaking out of the institute campus during the working hours without official permission
10) Making too loud noises (shouting, hooting, playing music etc.) inside and outside the classrooms causing disturbance to other academic activities
11) Throwing litter on the floor and not using the dustbins provided for the purpose
12) Spitting and spoiling the building walls
13) Using mobile phones within class rooms and laboratories
14) Bursting crackers within the institute building/campus
15) Playing Holy within the institute building/campus
16) Using abusive/foul language within the institute building/campus
17) Leaving the classrooms with the lights and fans ON
18) Making false official statement or submitting false documents to any institute official, faculty or staff
19) Making public display of affection within the institute building/campus
20) Absence from classes for day(s) prior to or after the end of important holydays
21) Writing graffiti or otherwise disfiguring the walls, desks, tables etc.
22) Bringing in dangerous weapons like knife, daggers, acids, firearms etc. and inflammable materials to the institute/campus
23) Abusing and/or picking up fights/ fisticuffs with fellow student (s) or institute employee (s) within the institute building/campus
24) Showing disrespect or committing insubordination to the teachers as well as the institute authority
25) Stealing/pilfering laboratory or other articles from the institute
26) Teasing and/or hurting the modesty of a woman
27) Ragging in any form within the institute campus
28) Participating in or promoting any mob activity within the campus to disrupt smooth functioning of the institute
29) Damaging institute property
30) Committing cyber crimes like (i) blackmailing, hacking, cheating etc. (ii) uploading/ downloading and circulating indecent or offensive write-ups, photographs or videos into/ from the internet

Types of Punishment/Disciplinary Action

The following punishments/disciplinary actions are recommended subject to confirmation by the Disciplinary Committee of GIMT-Tezpur

A. Warning the offender(s)
B. Imposing a fine (individual)
C. Informing the guardian
D. Temporary expulsion from class/Cancelling a number of attendances
E. Suspension from the classes for a specific period
F. Additional punishment(s) as imposed by the Disciplinary Committee of GIMT-Tezpur after investigation.

Act of Indiscipline A B (Rs.) C D E F
1 100
2 100
3 250
4 500
8 100
9 100
10 100
11 100
12 200
13 100
14 100
15 100
16 200
18 300
19 250
20 250
21 100

All disciplinary actions taken shall be notified by the Principal, GIMT-Tezpur. Implementation of the actions taken shall also rest with the Principal, GIMT.