The Central Library occupies total floor area of more than 400 sq. m. There is a spacious reading room to accommodate at least 100 persons for self-study. The functioning of library is computerized with integrated library management software. The library is equipped with national and international journals of both printed and online forms for the benefit of the student and the faculty. Five computers with broadband connection and LAN have been provided to browse the various e-journals available in the library. The Library is stocked with an adequate number of latest edition text books. At present the Library has more than 5000 volumes of books.


The Central Workshop measuring 350 sq. m. has been equipped to provide all the facilities for the basic training of the engineering students in turning, machining & welding, fitting, carpentry and blacksmithy trades. The facilities of the workshop are also utilized for making models etc. for students’ projects works and minor repair works of college fleets of transports, constructional works requirements and meeting the need of other Departments/Laboratories of the college. It also imbibes interest in some modification works on existing equipment and the students develop habits and much needed interest in such activities.


The computing facility of the institute occupies a floor space of more than 300 sq. m and houses around 120 computers loaded with Windows 7, 8 & Linux operating systems. All the computers are based on Intel Core i3 and i5 processor based Technology. Central computing facility is well equipped with LAN connection through a central server with an ability to work on different platforms. Broadband internet facility of 2 MBPS is available to all the computers. Our students are encouraged from the very beginning, to use the computer lab facility in order to gain sufficient hands on practice. In addition to this, several laboratories have large numbers computers dedicated to perform specified tasks in laboratory experiments.


 The institute has more than 30 laboratories to cater for all the departments running various engineering courses. All these laboratories are well equipped with the latest equipment to practice students on the latest technology and give the desired experience to them while in the institute. We continue to improve upon these laboratories to keep pace with the latest developments in various fields of engineering.