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A library is regarded as a treasure house of knowledge for an institute, as such, it should be in proper form and well maintained from all corners. In case of an engineering institute, especially when the institute is of GIMT status (the first AICTE approved private engineering institute of Assam) the library must be well maintained and should provide all the best services of a library. The Library of GIMT, Tezpur is presently undergoing the process of construction as well as organisation. It aims to deliver quality knowledge to the users of the institute. The GIMT Tezpur Central Library is at Administrative Building of the Institution and it occupies total floor area of 4000 sq. ft. The GIMT, Tezpur Library is full of different textbooks, reference books and other reference sources like Encyclopaedias’, Dictionaries, Fictions, Biographies, CDs etc. The library provides four reputed daily newspapers and numbers of magazine to its users. At present the library has almost 7946 book titles serving near about 466 students and 69 faculty-staffs with 4 library staff. DDC 22nd Edition and AACR II is followed for the classification and cataloguing the documents respectively. It provides ready reference service using both offline and online sources of information. It has been subscribing the e-journals through DELNET (Developing Library Network). For availing the service of E journals one can go through the link ( For details please contact with the Assistant Librarian. The Library automation process is going on by the library management software SOUL2.0 from INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad. The library is planning for having some better facilities for the user of GIMT, Tezpur in its coming future. The library is committed to serve the institution and this society at its best.

Library Collection

This library provides subject related Textbooks, reference books and other reference sources like Encyclopaedias’, Dictionaries, Fictions, Biographies, CDs etc. The details are as follows-

Book Vol.: 7946 +
E-journals: Subscribing through DELNET
Magazine: 5 +
News papers: 4
Educational CD's: 209 +
Cassette: 19 +


Mrs. Sadhana Goswami

Assistant Librarian
Master of Library & Information Science, Gauhati University
Mob: 9859889361

Mr. Hiranya Saikia

Library Bearer
Experience: 4 years running
Mob: 8486166322

Mr. Abhijit Das

Library Bearer
Experience:1 years 4 months running
Mob: 9678178078

Mr. Bhaskarjyoti Kalita

Library Security
Experience: 4 years running
Mob: 9706570291

Close Access Electronic Resources

The GIMT Library has been providing the facilities of subscribing E journals through DELNET (Developing Library Network). For availing the service please go through the link
Steps for subscribing E journals:
Step 1: go to DELNET Website at
Step 2: click in to DELNET ONLINE option
Step 3: Provide the USER NAME and the password
Step 4: Click in to start button
Step 5: go to the showing linkages to DELNET databases
Step 6: click the Union catalogue for searching Book catalogues, Journals etc.
Step 7: go to different searching options for subscribing different E resources.

Open Access Electronic Resource

While accessing the open E resources please go through the link given bellow and note down the points you want to search.
Open J-Gate
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal
Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
NISCAIR Online Periodicals Repository
IGNOU Online Journal Portal
Open Journal System@INFLIBNET Centre
Open Access Journals Search Engine (OAJSE)
ICAST Gateway of Free Journals

Library Membership Form

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