The Department of Mathematics started functioning withstrength of two faculty members since itsestablishment in the year 2011. The main objectiveof the department is to cater the needs of differentEngineering Departments by teaching EngineeringMathematics as per their requirements. Presentlythe Department is having strength of four facultymembers with strong educational background,actively associated in research work in differentfields of applied and pure mathematics, whichprovides a perfect platform to Engineering studentsto enhance their knowledge in the subject. The Department offers the entire Mathematical related course to the students of all the existing engineering disciplines.

  • From the desk of the Head

    Ms. Sangeeta Baruah,
    Assistant Professor & H.O.D(i/c)
    It is believed that Mathematics is not just a study about numbers but about life itself. Mathematics, the study of quantity, structure, space and change, is used as an essential tool in natural sciences, engineering, medicine and the social sciences. The subject which seeks to establish truth by arduous deduction, being the core foundation of the Field of Engineering, aids to build Analytical, Reasoning & Logical skills of the future Engineers and Researchers. Continuous Learning and Research activities satisfy the curiosity of students & it fulfils the objective of our department.Our department believes in strong student- teacherbonding. The department has faculty with research interests in virtually every area of mathematics.


Ms. Sangeeta Baruah

Assistant Professor & H.O.D(i/c)
Qualification: M. Sc. (Gold Medallist), Tezpur University, M. Tech. (Gold Medallist), Tezpur University, Ph. D (Pursuing), Tezpur University
Experience (in years): 4 yrs
Specialization: Number Theory, Operator Theory
Mob: 9854019408

Dr. Sujit Talukdar

Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. (G.U.), Ph.D. (G.U.)
Experience (in years): 6 yrs
Specialization: Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, MHD
Email: or
Mob: 9864855133

Mr. Krishna Ram Saikia

Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Sc., Tezpur University, Ph. D (Pursuing), Tezpur University
Experience (in years): 1 yrs
Specialization: Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics
Mob: 9577266077

Dr. Bineeta Nath

Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. (G.U.), M. Phil (NEHU), Ph.D.(NEHU)
Experience (in years): 5 yrs
Specialization: Fluid Dynamics, Shock Waves, MHD.
Mob: 9864223385