Mathematics is the language of all science subjects and the backbone of Engineering subjects. Ramanujan Club was founded to encourage students to get acquainted with the various branches of Mathematics. It tries to inculcate deep interest in the students and makes them have a systematic approach towards this subject.


The main objective of the club is to promote Mathematics, as Queen of Sciences with infinite capacity, to fascinate all who venture into its bounds. It aims at arranging lectures on interesting topics by eminent personalities in the field to improve the competency of various domain Engineers through strong mathematics. The club is to provide the platform for aspiring engineers to experiment the inherent skills through various enlightening activities.

Ms. Sangeeta Baruah (In-Charge) (Dept. Of Mathematics)
Dr. Sujit Talukdar (Dept. Of Mathematics)
Ms. Krishna Ram Saikia (Dept. Of Mathematics)
Dr. Bineeta Nath (Dept. Of Mathematics)
Ms. Akalpita Das (Dept. Of Computer Science)
Mr. Jadunandan Pradhani (Dept. Of Computer Science)