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Entrepreneurship is nothing but the activity of setting up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace.

UDYAM, the Entrepreneurship and Development cell of GIMT-Tezpur was established in 2016 to give an exposure to entrepreneurship skills which stimulate the student with entrepreneurial passions towards different opportunities.Now a day, the awareness for entrepreneurship is believed lacking in engineering courses and students do not really get much exposure. The goal of UDYAM is to provide the platform for networking and interaction between heterogeneous groups by involving corporations, aspiring entrepreneurs, working professionals and students by providing necessary resources such as mentoring, consultancy and networking.


  1. Ms. Akalpita Das (In charge, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science)
  2. Mr. Pinak Pani Baruah (Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering)


Registration form for Alumni: click here

The Alumni Association was established in the year 2016 to strengthen the bond between the Institute and its alumni community. Alumni community is a network of creative, progressive thinkers, located all over India or aboard. Their diverse pursuits align with the GIMT-Tezpur’s mission of effecting positive change in the world and reflect the distinctive and unique talents of its alumni. Working with key internal and external constituencies, the Alumni Society builds awareness, engagement and ultimately supports GIMT-Tezpur by offering programmes of value to alumni throughout their life. GIMT-Tezpur is proud that its alumni are doing so well in various field and that they feel the same about the institution, holding it in high esteem.


Mr. Biswajit Shyam, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering



The Examination Cell of GIMT-Tezpur has been set up for smooth functioning of Institutional and University Evaluation processes including Mid Semester Examination, End Semester Examinations, Practical Examination, Thesis/Dissertation evaluations.  The Cell is administered by

  1. Centre In-Charge
  2. The Dean of Examination and Affiliation
  3. Deputy Centre In-Charge
  4. Centre In-Charge

The Primary objective of the Examination cell is to:-

  • Keep all the communications with affiliating University and submit necessary documents required by the University authority.
  • Submit Internal Evaluation marks, such as Mid Term Examination, Continuous Evaluation, Skill Test Marks together with Attendance Information to the affiliating University.
  • Notify Mid Term examination, End Semester Practical Examinations schedules in discussion with the Departments.
  • Conduct the University Examination such as Mid Term Exam, End Term Exam, and any Special Exam as notified by the affiliating University.
  • Collect and distribute the results and mark sheets to the Department or to the students.
  • Forward the students’ examination related application to the University for consideration.

Students admitted to various courses can avail the following facilities from Examination Department:-

  • Collect mark sheets from Examination section after the declaration of results and receiving of the mark sheets from University.
  • Write an application such as correction of mark sheets, Re evaluation of Answer Scripts to the university through the Principal for necessary action.
  • Consult Dean, Examinations for any suggestion for Examination related matters.
  • Guardians of students can also keep touch with the Examination Cell for the Progress of his/her wards in different Examinations Conducted by the Institute or Affiliating University.

Students Admitted to different Programmes are informed to go through the Examination Rules and Regulations, Promotion Rules in order to make them understandable all the matters regarding examinations.



  • Centre In-Charge                     : Prof.(Dr.) Ramesh Chandra Goswami, Principal
  • Dean Exam and Affiliation     : Dr. Bidyut Deka, Department of Physics
  • Deputy Centre In Charge       : Dr. Sujit Talukdar, Department of Mathematics
  • Centre In Charge                      : Mr. Biswajit Bhagowati, Department of Civil Engineering


The Finishing School is a part of the GIMT Tezpur learning experience which operates with a steadfast commitment towards increasing the employability of our graduates. It acts as that bridge students need to cross to step from college to industry. The programme is tailored to make our fresh graduates INDUSTRY-READY by providing them a balanced set of technical skills, industry exposure and a positive attitude to work and life.

In Charge:

Ms. Anuradha Ghosh

Mail-id: [email protected]

Ph No. 09401230591

Faculty Coordinator:

Mrs. Plabita Baruah, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department.

Ms. Dhritika Saikia, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department.



 The Spoken Tutorial project is about teaching and learning a particular FOSS (Free and open source software) like LINUX, LATEX,PHP and MySQL, JAVA,C/C++, LIBRE Office etc. via an easy Video tool – Spoken Tutorials.

Today, SMEs and Govt. departments are moving to open source software like LINUX OS. Students with this knowledge will have an edge in the job market. They can also become entrepreneurs and use open source software in their businesses, and save money, if they were using commercial software. Net-it is a win-win situation for all and the base part….all the trainings are conducted FREE of cost. Certificates will be issued to the students from IIT BOMBAY. All are working together to bridge the digital divide in our nation.

In-Charge :

Ms. Akalpita Das , Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Department Coordinators:

Ms. Dhritika Saikia, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Mr. Pranjal Das, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Pranab Kr. Ojah, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Some of the salient features of SELF (Spoken Tutorial based Education and Learning through Free FOSS study) are as follows.

  • This distance education method is highly conductive to self learning
  • Once one gets started any student or faculty can master the FOSS and also get certificates, silver/ learners and gold/ completion( based on clearing an assessment test)
  • UG, PG or research scholar students and even teachers of science, IT, Engineering, Commerce, Management, MCA disciplines can learn any of the FOSS.

A spoken tutorial is an audio-visual tutorial that launched by the Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Govt. of India. The use of spoken tutorial popularizes free and open source software which can substitute commercial software like MatLab, AutoCAD etc. Spoken Tutorial is an initiative National Mission and Education through Information & Communication Technology (ICT). It is being developed by IIT-Bombay.

Established in 2014, the training and placement cell of GIMT-Tezpur is continuously working hard to provide each student an exciting start to their career. in the initial stage, the cell is actively involved in building close relation with the local industries as well as companies outside north east.


In the last academic year the T & P cell conducted various campus placement events through which many students got placed in reputed companies. One of the major achievements of last year was the recruitment of our students by Patanjali India Ltd, Who established a major plant just a few kilometres away from our institute.


On 20th November 2017, T & P cell organised a mass recruitment event  for multinational companies like Amazon, Microsoft etc in association with Edupur Employment Services Ltd. Students from various colleges participated in the event and a few o them returned with an attractive job offer.


On 14th November 2017, the students along with the members of the placement cell participated in the ENTREPRENEURSHIP MEET organised by Indian chamber of commerce in association with Govt. of India and Gail India Ltd. The experts motivated the students to take up innovative start up ideas and establish various small yet prospective small industries in the region.


Placement procedure:

  • Invitation are send to the companies by the training and placement officer (i/c).
  • On receiving the eligibility criteria from a company /organization, a list of interested students satisfying the eligibility criteria of the company concerned is prepared and the requisite data forwarded to the company concerned.
  • A suitable data for the company’s visit is worked out.
  • After confirmation the placement cell arranges a pre-placement talk.
  • The company conducts its selection and shortlists students for the interview.
  • The concerned company comes for campus interview and the result is announced usually on the same day.

The cell is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support every stage of the placement process. Arrangement for pre-placement talks, interviews, group discussions etc are handled by the cell. earnest efforts are made to attract the best of the recruiters to pick up our students both via on-campus and off-campus recruitment process.

Major recruiters:

  5. WIPRO
  7. BEST CEMENTS and many more..

Contact Persons :

  • Officer in Charge :  Mr Pinak Pani Baruah

Asst. Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering

E-mail- [email protected], Contact no.- +919613562640

  • Faculty Co-ordinators: Mr Anku Medhi (Dept. Of Civil engineering)

Ms. Plabita Baruah (Dept. Of Electrical Engineering)



Apart from these cells there are also various clubs to provide a platform to all the extracurricular interests of the students. Following are some of the active clubs of GIMT-Tezpur-

  • Eco Club
  • Software Coding Club
  • Photography Club
  • Games & Sports
  • Innovation Club
  • Literature Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Ramanujan Club
  • Science & Technology Club


 Different Club & Cell

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