Mechanical Engineering

About the Department

The 4-year degree course of Mechanical Engineering was started in August 2011 and is affiliated to Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU). The programme has a curriculum with 81 courses / 258 credits that include practical /seminar/training/ projects etc. and it covers subjects on basic science, humanities, and technology. The course structure and syllabi for the branch are basically testing knowledge and job oriented and encompasses theory papers like Basic & Applied Thermodynamics, Material Science, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Machine Design and number of elective papers such covering wide areas of the above papers.

Degree Offered
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
(Affiliated to Assam Science and Technology University )

4 years (8 semesters)

60 (1st Semester level )
12 ( 3rd Semester level ) -Lateral entry.

Core Subjects Offered

  • Basic & Applied Thermodynamics
  • Theory of Machine
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Workshop Theory
  • Mechanics of Material
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Material Science
  • Mechanism & Dynamics of Machines
  • Heat Transfer
  • Instrumentation
  • Machine Design
  • Operation Research
  • Engineering Inspection and Metrology
  • Numerical Methods and Computation
  • Mechanical Vibration
  • Hydraulic Machines
  • Manufacturing Method
  • Industrial Engineering &  Management
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning/Compressor & Gas Turbine
  • Power Plant Technology/Robotics & Applications

Head of the Department:

Mr. Dipal Baruah
Assistant Professor and HoD (i/c)
B.E. (Assam Engineering College)
M.Tech (Tezpur University)
Ph.D.(Pursuing, Tezpur University)

Faculty Members

Technical Staff


The students are exposed to state of the art practical training in laboratories, linked to the theory subjects listed above.  The First Year students also attend Physics, Chemistry and Computing Laboratories, and Workshops. Furthermore, special soft skill classes, finishing school, short-term courses are conducted at regular basis. Experts from Industries are engaged for this purpose.

Laboratories under Mechanical Engineering Department

Engineering Mechanics: Several Innovative Experiments have been designed enabling students to acquire basic knowledge of Engineering Mechanics.

Basic Thermodynamics:  Ergonomically designed models ( two strokes and four strokes C.I. & S.I. engines, different types of boilers, Boilers mounting and accessories, special engines-Wankel engines and Turbojet engine) being displayed describing basics of the Thermodynamics.

Theory of Machines: Models of mechanisms, brakes, clutches, different types of gears, governors and working models of universal governors, balancing machines, epicyclic gears and belt drives, where students perform hand-on experiments.

Fluid Mechanics: Eight experiments including Vortex flow, Reynolds’s number, Pipe friction, Metacentric height, Bernoulli’s Apparatus etc. has been installed where students have to perform experiments.

Heat Transfer: Seven experiments including heat transfer through solids, liquids, powder, and composite walls. Stefenj-Boltzman’s Apparatus, heat pipe, demonstrations, emissive Apparatus are being conducted by students.

Instrumentation: Seven experiments based on pressure, temperature, speed, torque, displacement, strain & load are being performed in this lab.

Applied Thermodynamic Engineering: Models of Gas Turbines, Hydraulic Turbines, Steam Engine, I.C. Engine (Petrol & Diesel)

Solid Mechanics: UTM (Universal Testing Machine), Rockwell Hardness Tester, Brinell Hardness Tester, Torsion Tester are available in the solid mechanics lab

Solar Energy Lab: Solar Energy meter, Photovoltaic Panel, Inverter etc. are available in solar Energy Lab

IC Engine Lab: Two experiments including Morse Test and Fuel consumption Test on two engines installed in the Lab.

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